Making the future Lazy, one product at a time


Why Lazy? Because you, like any other creature on the planet are designed to prefer an easier and faster way to get a regular task done. We call this natural preference of getting things done "the lazier way".

We are a team of Designers, Data Scientists, Engineers and Fashionistas based out of Bangalore, India designing the laziest ways to get a task done. Starting by redefining the way you interact with your smartphone. Making the future lazy, one product at a time.


Winner from Bangalore for Alibaba Cloud Contest

In the top 10 Winners of Conquest 2018, BITS Pilani

Won the Novel Startup Challenge, got a free 6 month office space

Awarded Best Hardware Startup at Forge Accelerator, Coimbatore

Featured on Yourstory

Accelerated by Qualcomm under QDIC 2018

Supported by CoE, IISc, Minsitry of MSME, GoI


We are always looking for people we can work with. Whether you want to join the team, collaborate with us, have a unique application for Aina or you just want to give us money, please write to us at
[email protected]